I bought a Merlin lll 85110 pro block today.
The block has 10.200"deck height from the beginning but are now deckt with a o-ring groove and the bore is now 4.635"it also has billet splayed caps.
Its honed with torque plates to by the chop
I came across a Enderle supercharger fuel injection hat with a barrelvalve and allot of different port nozzles, primary and bypass jets and a Enderle 110 fuel pump with a 3-way shutoff valve. I would like to have it camdriven but a new beltdrive with two belts was in the deal as well as an extension so we will see what happens.
To day i picked up my Powerglide shorty from BTE and its special built for me by StigO Transmissions with the bigger axles front and rear with a split converter to match.
I hope it's eleven grand well spent because its stronger than most Monster Jam trucks have.
I was off to the dragracing market in Norrköping and made some purchases, a Meziere starter a BTE flexplate two lasercut headerplates in stainless steel and a set of Eagle 6,700" connecting rods with their strongest bolts to cope 1500hp so we'll see if I get stronger later.
Gasoline magazine had its swapmeet in town today. I found an electric waterpump and an aluminum oilpan that maybe will work i'll have to modify it a bit and I picked up a 5" tachometer with shiftlight, oilpressure, oiltemp and watertemp.
I finally got hold of a 10/71 blower, I found a Mooneyham with striped lobes complete with tensioners, belt, a 50 and a 60 tooth sprocket.
I washed and checked up on my Brodix BB 2X alu heads today, they have 118cc chambers and 2300 "-1880" valves.
They come from Finland, where they put in new valve seats for some were mounted wrong and before they sent them to me they got new springs to, but they are just ca200lbs so I might get stronger later.
Safety check, i have old RCI parts from -96 but they are brand new, but i bought a new helmet, shoes and gloves from Simpson and a neck protection from NecksGen.
I bought 200m 50x3mm E235 + C tubes for the rollcage and new chassi components
Soon it's time to start welding
So far l have used 45m tube for the chassi notched with a angle grinder and hole saw. The top tubes are just spacers for now
I found a used Lunati roller cam with 0.575 lift 112 lobe 221 and 229 duration and Comps Cams solid roller lifters and 1.7 rocker arms and oil pump drive as well.
The ignition is an important part of this build but it is very expensive so I am very pleased that I found a Msd pro mag 20 with two boxes and cables for less than half the new price.
The chassi is almost done, i have to build the roll cage first so i can fully weld the last tubes but next job will be the axles.
Well i started on the front axel but i built a tubebender too and when i was testing it i bendt up the rollcage and welded it and the rest of the tubes to the chassis so it is almost done.
I started building my suspension and it is a cantilever design like formula 1 car but a meter in travel.
build videos
Follow the first detailed filmed build of a pro race monster truck here on rufftime.net it's a very light build with a long travel suspension.
Follow the first detailed filmed build of a pro race monster truck here on rufftime.net it's a very light build with a long travel suspension.
build videos